Coach Tips

1) Find out if there are already coaches being organised. Local groups, People's Assemblies and supporting trade unions are a good place to start.

2) Get campaigning. Setting up a Facebook event for local transport to the demo and inviting your friends will get you started. 

3)  Book a coach. Ring around a few companies an see if you can negotiate a good deal with a reliable firm. Local trade unions may be able to help cover some costs but be prepared to have to charge for tickets. Using websites like Eventbrite will help keep track  of your bookings and collect money.

4)Think of some places to target leafleting. Hospitals are an obvious place , but don't forget colleges, train stations and town centres on Saturdays.  

5) Make sure you have a sign up sheet with you to record contact details of people who are interested. If you are already involved in a campaign, have a couple of phone banking sessions of your existing supporters to get the word out. 

6) Use social media to promote your coach. Are there locals Facebook forums where people might be interested? Make sure you clearly advertise your set off time, likely return time and ticket prices.

7) Delegate! As interest in your coach grows, you may be overwhelmed with bookings. Try and grow a team around you who will help building for the demo with leaflet drops, poster campaigns, writing to the local press and using social media. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

8) Confirm with your company and send out a reminder to your attendees. 

9) Enjoy the journey. Sing songs, eat snacks (coach rules permitting) and prepare to march on Parliament. 

Using Eventbrite



Sign Up Sheet