January 18, 2017

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Scrap the Cap!

Back in October, Danielle launched a petition against the continued pay restraint which has seen the real value of nurses' salaries plummet by 15% since 2010. This week it hit 100,000 signatories. 


I am delighted the petition to demand an end to the pay restraint for NHS staff has gained over 100,000 signatures and will be debated in parliament on 30th January. The pay restraint since 2010 has caused significant problems for staff, from crushing morale, to forcing staff into severe hardship and sadly forcing many to leave the NHS.




Day after day I hear accounts from my colleagues all over the country outlining how they are keeping their heads above water, whether this is selling their flat because they cannot afford their mortgage and moving back home with their parents, working 70+ hours a week and not seeing their children or resorting to pay day loans.

The pay cap is a politically driven Tory austerity measure linked to the wider NHS destruction. The government want us to feel there is no money available so we do not fight back.


The truth is there is money for the NHS. There is money to give us a pay rise. There is money to fund our bursaries. The Tories just choose not to spend it. I urge everyone, staff members and patients to join us in Tavistock Square on 4th March to fight for NHS workers' pay and conditions. If it is bad for staff, it is most certainly bad for patients.


You can still sign the petition, here! 

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